Jobs, Shops, and More.


As time passes and the server continues to grow, and moving forward, we plan to add more and more buildings, things to do, and items to the game to make it more exciting and keep it fresh for our player base. It’s a slow and steady process, but we look forward to keeping things exciting for you guys. We know you’re all curious to see what we’ve been working on, so we want to give you a few sneak peeks of what is to come in the near future.

The Mechanic Update:

The wait is now over, your lovely mechanic’s stores will soon be able to open. Get ready for upgraded and cosmetics. However, this does mean you will no longer be able to upgrade your car yourself. To counter that and to allow people to change their paint, wheels, window tint, and plates. We’ve gone ahead and kept Benny as public. This means you can do all the above just as before.

We will be adding in some new mechanic repair shops into the city, most mechanics will start from the bottom and work their way up to the luxury garages. How do you get one of the luxury shops if you are a whitelisted mechanic? Reputation, time and most importantly money… yip you want the flashy stores you got to pay the big price tag.

More Civilian jobs:

For those that don’t wish to or cannot be hired into a white-listed career! We know this is something you’ve all been looking forward to, and we have been working hard to accomplish this sooner rather than later. We are excited to say that we are getting close to releasing a few new jobs for people to join both inside and outside the white-listed sector. At the moment the list is small with a total of three comforted jobs coming into the city.

  • Taco shop employee
  • Bus driver
  • Barista (coffee shop) employee

As time goes on we are planning to add a lot more jobs to this list, Unfortunately as things sometimes go a lot of things take priory over the small stuff.

The Tattoo Shop Update:

A long time coming they said, we want tattoos now they said… Well for those that didn’t check out my live-stream the other night might be surprised to see that tattoos are coming into the city this weekend. It’s something we have been planing for a while and finally got round to doing it this week. So grab your wallet and head on down to your nears tattoo parlor to get stabbed! with a needle… well a tattoo gun needle thing… Anyway, what I’m saying is go get a fucking tattoo.


New shops/buildings:

We will be adding in a whole slew of new buildings from Clubs, Stores, Coffee shops to Tattoo parlors, and mechanic shops. These should all role out on the next update. Here are a few of my favorite ones: The new Weazel news HQ, Courthouse for our lovely department of justice, and the new small mechanic shops.

The goal of adding all these new things is to give players a much broader range of things to do with one’s characters and hopefully expand roleplay past the current mindset of cops and robbers. 

Thank you for reading and thank you for playing and supporting this server and community.

Since you made it this far why not go a little further? I give you a gift. -187.125, 78.453, 12.2134

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Jobs, Shops, and More.

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