The Christmas Patch 2021

Seasons Greetings from the Avalanche staff! Ahh it’s that time of year again. The white cold stuff will be all over us soon, covering us head to toe.

Winter is upon us, and with it, the holiday season! So to celebrate the holidays with you here is our holiday patch. Something to make the server feel a little more festive and bring a little fun to you this holiday. DON’T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW!

The patch will go live Sunday 5th @ 3pm EST.

Christmas decorations and props around the city.

Around the city, you will find Christmas decorations and props. A good chunk of them can be found in and around Legion Square.

New Minigame.

Keep an eye on the sky! Random presents will be dropped around the city, the question is when and where? What could be inside? Well, it’s random so who knows. This will only be running for a set time. Hopefully, you all enjoy it and find it fun #NoGrinners.

The Return of Snow.

Snowballs are back everyone, you should expect snow to hit the ground in the next few days. It might not stick around for long so with the lovely Los Santos weather, but I’m sure it will pop up from time to time. Take full advantage of the white cold stuff.

Rentable Snowmobiles.

During the winner session, a new snowmobile vendor will be in Los Santos. Give citizens of Los Santos the opportunity to rent a top-of-the-line snowmobile. Who needs a car when you can ride in style with that!

Closing Notes:

All in this is just a small fun update but we hope you do enjoy it. We are still full steam ahead on the other projects and will continue to do so throughout the winter session. If I don’t get the opportunity to see you all before Christmas I wish and your family a happy holiday session.

Merry Christmas from all of us here, Glad to have you all part of this awesome community!

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