Patreon update

The citizen subscription (Updated 12 OCT)

Update October 12th 2020: From today we will be suspending the paycheck boost perk, It was seen to be as a pay to win system instead of what we original set out to do. This will be suspended indefinitely, Any current Patreon subscribers with and issues or concerns should contact us. Thanks for your continues support.
-Avalanche Team

Introducing the new Patreon system, for those familiar with our old citizen subscription this works in the same way, a few changes for the better. So a name change what else?

Avalanche Roleplay has created a server and community with the idea of allowing everyone who joins a safe place to escape the stress and burdens of the real world, a place to release their creativity and expression through a new life that is only limited by their imagination. We offer many different opportunities for our players. Cars, homes, a whole list of jobs, much more, but for those that are willing to donate in these uncertain times, we offer a special thank you as well for giving back.

Subscriptions are not required to play on our server. We set the Patreon up to allow members of the community to help fund the server, Your subscription is a monthly donation allowing us to keep the server running. The cost of running a server and community quickly adds up and to fund it out of our own pockets we would quickly run out of cash. If you are thinking about becoming a subscriber of our Patreon program you consider the following first. 

  • Patreon Subscriptions are a monthly payment.
  • Don’t buy just for the perks.
  • You gain more than just bragging rights.
  • You become one of the voices of the community.

Here is a rundown of the perks we offer and for which tiers. 

Subscription Plans:

Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Become a Bronze Supporter on Discord Become a Silver Supporter on Discord Become a Gold Supporter on Discord Become a Diamond Supporter on Discord
Queue priority Queue priority Queue priority Queue priority
Access to Patreon only cars Early access to content Tier 2 House (non transferable) Tier 2 House (non transferable)
Patron-only voting power Access to Patreon only cars Access to Patreon only cars Access to Patreon only cars
Patron-only voting power Early access to content Free vehicle from exclusive Patreon dealership
Patron-only voting power Early access to content
Patron-only voting power

For more information and pricing please head over to our Patreon page to view all the details.

READY TO Become a supporter?

Thoses that wish to support the server and fund this project get awesome perks.

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