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Avalanche RP Community Rules
Violation of our rules may result in a kick or ban without warning or explanation.


General Rules:

  1. Must be on discord to play on our server.
  2. Age Requirement for Whitelist Job: 18+ Department heads may make expectations at their own discretion.
  3. Be Respectful: When in OOC treat others as you would like to be treated.
  4. No racist, discriminatory or otherwise derogatory remarks, in character or OOC.
  5. Toxic behavior is not allowed. If you have an issue you wish to discuss; please follow the proper channels to voice your concerns. Exp: Ticket tool, Admins, or Public Relations are all ways to deal with issues in a efficientice and professional manner.
  6. It is required to stay in character at all times: Breaking character is considered a failed RP and can result in a ban. If you have an issue, please roleplay the scenario out as best you can and then report to staff any problems or concerns. ALL parties found arguing in game through OOC will be given a 24 hour server ban.
  7. A decent working microphone is required at all times to play on our servers. Anyone without a Mic will be asked to leave until which time they can prove they have one.
  8. Metagaming, power gaming, and RDM are not allowed. If you do not know what these are, you should not be playing on our servers. Not knowing what these are is not an excuse.
  9. Keep roleplay as realistic as possible. Roleplay is the giving and exchanging of stories, not a contest of how much cars, money, or items you can obtain. E.I following characters flaws, quirks, straights, and ect.
  10. Fail RP is not allowed. I.E of Fail RP is – Not fearing for your life, speaking coherently and/or using radio/phones when downed, combat logging.
  11. New Life Rule (NLR): If you are downed and re-spawn at the hospital, your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being down in the current scenario. You may not re-spawn if you’ve been advised that police or EMS are on the way, nor may you return to an active scenario once downed.
  12. Non-whitelisted gangs can have a total of 6 players per gang. This means you can have up to your total number of gang members in an active scenario at any time, but no more, hostages not included.
  13. Exploits of any kind – including but not limited to duping, menus, hacks, external scripts, etc.
  14. Green zones: Medical facilities, Police stations, Courthouse, The casino, any active server event area’s. (I.e. fight clubs, races, strip club events).
  15. Cop bating: Cop bating is not allowed on the server. If you are caught cop baiting you will be kicked from the server as a warning, continued behavior will result in future disciplinary actions, that could result in a ban from our servers.



  • Character Creation: Put thought and consideration into creating your character – I.E. background, character traits, flaws, straights and weaknesses  etc. Remember your character should be realistic and genuine. These are traits and characteristics you will need to implement when playing your character that may affect the way they behave during certain situations, so put thought into them! You want to create a character that can grow and evolve as a person.
  • Engaging Roleplay: Be mindful about how you try to enter on-going scenarios and story lines. You can interact with people to see if an opportunity shows itself but don’t just show up out of nowhere trying to impact or steer a current storyline if your story hasn’t led up to it. Example: A couple of characters are involved in a story line where they perform a job or own a business and then another character shows up out of nowhere and kidnaps one with no purpose or interaction prior.
  • Roleplay Growth/flexibility:  Keep your story moving forward; be willing to grow your character. Also remember that real life, situations do not always go the way you want, and the same holds true here. Be flexible and willing to have your character adjust and grow based on interactions that both go and do not go your way.
  • Paramadeaths: A player may decide that events in their character’s story have led towards the character’s actual death. The death of a character is not to be taken lightly as it may affect not only your own story but the story of other characters. The only person that can decide to perma a character is their player. Please keep in mind that once permadeath has accrued you cannot bring a character ‘back to life’.
  • White Listed Gangs: White listed gangs must have an active gang that has shown they are able to follow server rules and guidelines for at least a month before being able to apply for whitelisting. Whitelisted gangs have no limit on the number of members they are allowed to have, but may only have a total of 10 active gang members at a scenario at a time.
  • Interaction with EMS: If downed, unless it is impossible for EMS to reach you, it is required that you wait for emergency services to arrive on scene. When help arrives both sides should strive to give good, cohernant roleplay.
  • EMS custody: Upon being revived or treated for your injuries you must remain injured, if you were in a shootout before and EMS pick you up you cannot get back up and continue shooting this would be considered as FailRP as your injuries would make it impossible for you to do and tasks.
  • Police custody when downed: When downed you are automatically considered to be in police custody, unless another player is able to escape with your body alive. If EMS transports you to the hospital after being downed you are required to wait for police to transport you to PD to finish the scenario.
  • Heat: Criminals should be mindful of the attention from police their actions may generate. Give yourself enough time between your crimes for things to cool down. You should expect to get more police attention, longer jail times/fines, and investigations if you repeatedly commit crimes in a small time frame.
  • Streamers: Follow all Twitch ToS


This page was lasted updated on October the fourth 2020, It is your reasonably to check for updates before connecting and joining the server.

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