New Website!

Our New Website:


Exciting changes are taking place within our community as we grow, build, and expand. One of these exciting changes is the brand new website you are currently sifting through.

Why move from the old forum based website, though?

Well, for several reasons, the biggest, though, is the ease of access. The new website offers a cleaner, smoother, and more straightforward interface than the forums previously allowed.

Members will be able to browse the website more quickly than the forums and with less confusion. Having our own custom website also allows for more flexibility on things such as the ability to be more creative on the site’s design and layout as a whole.

You’ll be able to browse most of the site straight from the homepage, being able to access the job applications, white-listing, subscriptions, and more. We will also offer continuous blog support to keep you updated on the server’s ongoings as a whole and the dev team as we work hard to bring you new and exciting things.

So please remember to keep an eye on the website for news, events, and much more.

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New Website!

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