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    a year
    1-2 weeks(second in command has been in city for 2 years)

    Los Santos Ballas
    TBD(3 so far)
    Feisty Cortez
    Ernesto Cortez
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    Our gang is the Los Santos Ballas, referred to as the Ballas (Specifically the South Side Ballas [SSB]), The Ballas are a gang within the base game GTA.

    We feel utilizing our gang, we can provide some solid RP based around interaction with other gangs, and provide PD some awesome interactions via investigations within the ballas and how they act, as well as investigations regarding some of the crimes performed.

    The type of RP you can expect out of us: We plan to run the ballas as more of a neutral gang, trying to maintain a lower level of gang violence while still providing RP within gang expectations, such as “beef” with other gangs, more more along the lines of negotiations with other gangs, and providing RP with the police department wherever we can, including and up to specifically setting things up, so they can be investigated, such as leaving evidence behind in forms of notes, so it can be investigated further.

    Grove street and the areas surrounding it. If required 2nd in command can provide an outline of the territory on a map or in person.

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