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    Want to help grow, build, and make Avalanche a better place? From the moderation and application team to the server admin and development team. We are always on the lookout for potential candidates.

    Applicant Information:
    Discord Username:
    Timezone: OK
    Age: 33
    Have you ever been banned? No
    How much RP experience do you have? Over 3 years

    Applicant Questions:

    Previous Admin Experience

    How did you hear about Avalanche RP?

    Tell us a little about yourself2222222222222222222

    What makes you want to join the Admin team?

    Someone comes to you personally about an issue, what do you do?
    If you can help them you help them as best you can.

    Someone breaks character in-game, what do you do?
    Tell them in game to stay in character at all times.

    Your buddy is on the server and is obviously breaking rules, thinking they can get away with it because you are an admin. How do you handle this?
    Tell another Admin so they can deal with them, so that you stay unbiased and objective.

    What do you do if someone reports a scenario that you personally are involved in?
    Argue your point/side in the ticket, they’re clearly wrong and need to be told about it.

    Additional comments

    Thank you for applying, we have your application and a member from the team will review it. If you are successful we will contact you for an interview. Thank you and good luck!

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