• Eve replied to the topic Digital Den in Mirror Park in the forum Business Applications 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    While we are interested to see this job implemented into the city, unfortunately at this time we need more information on what is needed of us and how you plan to move forward with the job/role before we can proceed.

    To be considered for a whitelisted role you will need the following information:

    A list of what function this role would serve within the community, what actions you expect to be able to perform do you plan on selling items [ie do you need a shop set up that only your job can access], will this job need a script, MLO, garage, or all 3 added to be able to perform the functions you are requesting.

    Please understand that while we need more information to move forward in considering this as a community whitelisted job, individuals are welcome to roleplay jobs without them being whitelisted.

    – Eve

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