• Eve started the topic Upgrades Didnt Save. in the forum Bug Reports 8 months, 1 week ago

    Date of submission: 29/11/2021
    Discord username: BabyProphecy801 / Bush McGee
    Links such as screenshots or video:
    Describe the bug, give as much detail so we can recreate it: I became a Pateron then I just bought a new car and went to the shop to upgrade it. I went and had Patrick put in a Zonda Motar and also a all wheel drive Transmission . After the upgrades were done he told me if I don’t notice the upgrades to put my car in the garage and then pull it back out. As I went to go put my car back into the garage it told me that nobody owned the vehicle I drove to another one got in and out of the vehicle and nothing changed. After I drove back to my house it said that restart was in 30 min I sat in the city waiting for help until it said 1 min left please disconnect so I flew out. When I flew back into the city my car was in the impound so I went and got it. After getting it back from impound it let me put the vehicle into a garage and what not but I drove it back to Patrick just to make sure everything was still fine with it and Patrick said no nothing saved and that the motar and the all wheel Transmission was gone.

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