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  • Hello there my name is Calvin James and I am looking at getting local city planning permission to take over Tequilala night club.
    With a long history in the hospitality industry I have gained the right skills/qualifications to turn any bar/nightclub around and turn it into something special.
    To me a bar/club is not just a place to come and drink your sorrows away, its a place so meet friends chat about your lives and to have fun doing it, If successful I intend to open most evenings to allow for people to come and hang out and get to know new faces in the city, as well as this I will plan monthly events that gets everyone involved , this could be a gig night, an open mic night a comedy night and karaoke, it will be a place for us all to hang out and not to feel any stress from city lives. As well as having all these things I will also rent out the downstairs room for meetings etc that are away from peoples normal meets, this is where the speak easy part comes into play, what ever happens downstairs, stays downstairs.
    I will not be beaten on prices for alcohol and other drinks .
    the Events will be charged on the door or ticketed , and if successful I will be hiring a couple members of staff to help run the bar and door, and also I will be hiring a DJ to spin the tracks. Lets get a place where you can come to and hang out when there is not just an event going on, this will bring money back into the local area help to bring the city together.
    I will always look to do what’s best for the city and the people living here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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