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      Ive been working in the Taco shop recently and see it as a great potential spot for RPing but is lacking in a few areas atm and I have a few suggestions to try and help.

      1. The biggest drawback as it stands is that the Tacos arent actually consumable so give no hunger boost and will put people off buying them. Its been fun to RP around this issue but it puts people off driving there to get a taco when theyll still need to buy food from a convenience store anyway.
      2. The food stats given from the Taco should be pretty generous to encourage people to travel there to get their food, and engage in more RP, and so they dont just quickly stop at a convenience store every time they need to eat.
      3. There is currently a till you can rob but no way for anyone to actually put money in there. The /createbill function works great for now but ideally it would provide more realism and opportunities if we put money in the till and had to take it to the bank.
      4. Connected to that it would also then be very beneficial if workers of the Taco shop had the ability to lock the doors so if they need to leave the shop unattended it isnt easily robbed every time.
      5. The Taco shop doesnt currently show on the map, like the other interactive food places, unless you work there so would be great if it could be added for all to see.
      6. More food and some drink options.
      7. removal/retexture of Burger shot food and drink props from the interior.
      8. Ability to buy meat and juice directly from hunters would be a cool function and a question I get asked about a lot when working there.
      9. There is a drive through outside and if we moved the delivery spot from the front window, on the street, to the back near the kitchen, next to the drive through, we could utilise this easier.
      10. Only 2 doors of the 4 work so changing their appearance to make that obvious or making the other doors usable would be beneficial.
      11. Events could be held there and in the big car park behind it, such as karaoke night, car shows, etc
      12. New decorations/props and/or move current props in the shop, better seating arrangement, etc
      13. Although I like the stockists runs it can be frustrating with the RNG amounts of lettuce and meat. theres often been times where Id get a lot of lettuce and 1 meat so it meant I had to go back to the stockists after selling just 1 taco each time, it would be nice if there was a minimum to the RNG so at least you know 1 run will get you at least a couple of tacos made before the next run. I think the current system works fine if there is a lot of employees working there but as it stands there is never more than 1 employee there at a time.

      I obviously dont know how plausible some of these things are to do, especially economy wise, and these are just 1 persons thoughts but I really feel some of these changes could open up another level of RP for people and give another hang out/event spot for the city.

      Cheers for reading!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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