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  • So i was on a chase with PD and it was a shootout chase, i had missed alot of shots but also hit alot and upon coming to the end of the chase i had heard a officer mention switching out vests had saved his life and personally i think that’s doodoo that they can switch vests at top speeds like they have multiple vests just chilling on them/ in their car. I feel like if they were to apply another vest they should have it in their trunk to get out and actually grab it for the sake of roleplay, as he could have been dead and i would’ve gotten away because he’d need to get medical attention, but in that situation of reapplying vests i feel like it’s almost unfair. Bandages and meds are logical but swapping vests out to top off your vest meter isn’t really logical or fair mid chase on both sides, i feel like there needs to be some sort of rule in place regarding swapping vests around like they don’t weigh alot or you aren’t hurt at all to be able to freely just swing one off and put another on.

    in conclusion, all i hope to come from this awareness of the issue, as for what happens is up to the community <3

    Hi V. We spoke a bit about this in the Discord chat, and I for one agree with the logic of all players (not just PD) taking into account that charactersshould role play the application of a new vest, which should be impossible to do if they are actively driving a car at high speeds. If someone is riding shotgun, or in the backseat, then I can see them being able to apply the vest.

    I was only part of the medical RP that happened in that scene, so all I can add is: If people need to take the time to fix their car with a repair kit, (which I think takes around 20 seconds), the same logic should apply for applying body armor.

    Also, I realize that what you heard the officer say over push-to-talk can lead you believe that he did it while he was actively behind the wheel. That being said, the officer could have been referring to a previous instance in which your character or another had previously caused him to need to re-apply a vest (for example, they lost site of your car, he pulled over, applied the new vest. And then once they found your car later on in the chase, he may have made the comment about the vest saving his life). I don’t want to speculate too much, but I’m just throwing that out there as a possibility of what may have happened in that scene.

    From the development side of things, is there a way to have someone’s controls lock up if they choose to apply a vest while driving? If it’s something that can be easily implemented, then maybe that can also work. Otherwise, I can see the application of a vest mid-chase may be an example of Fail RP.

    As you said, it’s up to Avalanche RP owners and the Community, so I’m curious what others think. Also, thank you for posting your concern about the vest, because I do think it’s worth talking about.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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