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    provide efficient and immediate care to the critically ill and injured and transport the patient to a medical facility where further treatment can be provided. We do our best to provide treatment to every citizen of San Andreas and ensure their safety throughout.

    Applicant Information
    Character Name: jamal black
    Discord Username: Brian thomas
    Steam ID: 76561197960287930
    Age: 16-17
    Time within the community: 1-6 months

    EMS Information
    EMS Experience: i did do a application for ems but it was confussing but not really. i am a fast learner and i have been helped a lot of times.
    Previously Applied: yeah but it was confused. even a person in the ems think it was strange.
    C/S Ban: No
    Time on Duty: 60 ems 40 crim

    Applicant Questions
    Why do you want to join Emergency Medical Services?: it looks interesting and fun.to be able to help people and part of ems community
    work my ass of. making people safe and just be there.
    What value can you bring as a EMS?: im gonna be in the city eu but also late night. a active person. making friends and just be nice treating people all the same never leave a person even if that person is mean im going to treat them i just want the city to be safe and all people going to stay alive.
    How many days/hrs each week do you play and what times?: 4-5 hours per dayand eu time but still american time
    RP experience: 1-3 years
    Additional comments?:

    no not really

    Thank you for applying, we have your application and a member from the correct department will review it. The outcome will be posted here. Please check back at a later time and/or regularly. Do not message server staff as they can not progress your application further. Thank you and good luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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