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    Applicant Information:
    Character Name: Roman Smith
    Discord Username: Cooper5k#2436
    Age: 20
    RP Experience: 4 years
    Time within the community: About a week or two after the initial opening.

    Gang information:
    Members in Raven Kings as of 12/7
    Godfather (Founder): Danny Boebandy
    Boss: Roman Smith
    Members: Curtis Quam, Squig Swanson, Marcellus Kingston

    Discords of current members:

    Who is the Raven Kings?
    Raven Kings, aka RK; is a gang established in 2014 by Danny Boebandy. Mr. Boebandy was sentenced to life without parole for the killing of Evan Scottsdale back in 2015. Danny portrayed the Raven Kings as a very organized and well-suited gang, that handled business in a professional manner. He always looked out for the crew, as he made them a priority. At the time of Danny’s sentence, Roman Smith was an Underboss (Second in-command), at which he was then founded as the new, and rightful Boss of the Raven Kings. Since then, Roman was taken the wheel and grew the gang to be where it is today, and kept on the legacy that Boebandy wanted. Raven Kings are now a professional, well-dressed and wealthy gang, that look to seek into business.

    Reason that Raven Kings should become a whitelisted gang?
    The reasons why RK should officially become a gang in Avalanche County are:
    1. We all understand, and follow the rules of the Avalanche County, and we keep a strict bases on policy to stick with it.
    2. RK seek to bring business and opportunities for everyone, and not just the gang. We are completely against the idea of controlling everything, at which we want a good economy flow, and everyone to be equal.

    3. No winning mentality is in play, you win some, you lose some. Every situation that we encounter, and played out to the fullest in which we will do everything in our power to make sure that everything is fair, and everyone gets the most out of the opportunity. No “un-rightful” killing, or robbing is permitted within the Raven Kings. Everything has to be played out in a professional manner, and at which punishment is ensued if rules are broken within the County, and/or Raven Kings.
    4. 4th reason ties into the 3rd. Raven Kings have their own set of rules, which we’re created by Danny Boebandy. In these rules, it states: “Under no circumstances, shall gun shootouts be allowed, without a rightful reason. This means, no shooting cops, no shooting other gang(s), and no shooting Civilians, without a rightful agreement to the cause.” This rule allows the Raven Kings to strictly follow the guidelines to at which, no unnecessary bloodshed. Everything is to always be professional.

    Raven Kings Territory:

    Raven Slaughterhouse | Postal: 63-64
    La Fuente Blanca | Postal: 722

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