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  • Applicant Information:
    Character Name: Ernesto Cortez
    Discord Username: GhostAtNite#3848
    Steam ID: 76561198152833671
    Age: 19
    Rp Experience: 3yrs
    Time within the community: 6-7months?

    Gang Information
    Gang Name: The Night Walkers
    Number of Members: 3 (Liable to increase)
    Founder/Leader: Ernesto Cortez
    Second in Command: Kiin Xuu (liable to change)
    List of Members:
    Kiinzuu – vKin#7883 | Kiin Xuu
    ttv/ghostatnite – GhostAtNite#3848 | Ernesto Cortez
    [Unknown] – Speedframe#5817 | Mark Richards

    What is your gang?: The Night Walkers are a group of individuals who try to fly under the radar with a majority of their crimes. It may be gun running, it may be drug sales, or even assassination attempts. No matter the crime, the individuals will try to keep their identity undisclosed, and keep the safety of the gang, and the privacy of the gang under wraps. Not many will know of the Night Walkers, who generally run the streets, but those who know, have connections, to whatever, or whoever they need. Anyone who learns of the Night Walkers, and wishes to join, must gain the trust of the Kingpin, and if trusted, will be permitted to join, or those who are in need, becoming more powerful in the criminal world, or simply looking to find someone to roll with, will find solstice in the arms of the Night Walkers.

    Reasons we should whitelist your gang: There are 2 major powers in the city right now, with that being the case, a majority of players feel they have to “Choose a side” whenever they are looking to find a group to roll with, I used to feel the same, the Night Walkers is meant to be a passageway into the larger picture for newer players, or even some of our veteran players, who have not been as sure about performing crimes or anything of that sort, with the 2 major powers (Such as Grinding just to sell to one of the major powers, because they run everything, or get overrun by these major powers, and get pocket wiped, and consistently have to spend more money getting back onto their feet, only to get wiped again… We are here to get people on their feet, and keep them there, with services, and support.

    What are your ambitions and what can we expect?: A medium between the 2 major powers in the city, and the police. Supporting players who are too pressured by the major powers to perform anything, or cannot find anyone to roll with due to the major powers always rolling together. Consistent support of newer players, as well as maintaining RP with the 2 major powers, in an attempt to keep players active, and happy, via services, guns, or simply, someone to do crime, or grind with.

    What is your gang territory?:

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