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      Hello my name is Ezekeal Roman and I am proposing business blueprints for a new jewelry store. I believe that the opening of a new custom made jewelry shop would sky rocket local business revenue witch in return would add more funds to the local government. The city is bustling and alive with many people of all sorts and sizes, all with a unique taste in fashion. So why not a custom store to make those custom pieces! There are a few job roles that would be included, such as 1. Owner – the owner of the shop/business 2. Manager – would overlook the showroom floor directing employees 3. Jewel Fitter – the heart of the operation, the showroom floor employees selling unique pieces and taking bids on buying used items. I hope that this proposal has peaked the interest of many member of our fine city, thank you for your time and your attention.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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