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    The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Los Santos Police Department and the San Andreas State Police, make up the executive branchs of Los Santos; together they ensure that the law is upheld and enforced.

    Applicant Information
    Character Name: Elijah Neckers
    Discord Username: Naofumi#1935
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20290590
    Age: 25-34
    Time within the community: 2-4 weeks

    Law Enforcement Information
    Law Enforcement Experience: No previous experience in Law Enforcement and definitely don't know the lingo, so that's a thing I'm definitely gonna need to figure out.
    Previously Applied: Never previously applied to the LSPD, but I'd welcome the experience.
    C/S Ban: No
    Time on Duty: 50% Police, 50% Civ, this might however change in the future

    Applicant Questions
    Why do you want to join the Sheriff’s Office?: The state of the city is getting worse by the day, crime rates are increasing, nobody seems to be safe and from the amount of calls I've put in to 911 before, you're possibly all understaffed. I'll give it everything it takes to learn the skills involved to be a part of the force.
    What value can you bring as a Police Officer?: The city is somewhat of a wreck right now, and I care a whole lot about the community and would love to help out in it.
    How many days/hrs each week do you play and what times?: 5 days in the week from anywhere around 2 pm to 7 pm or 8 pm (EST).
    During the weekends from anywhere around 2 am to about 7 pm or 8 pm (EST).
    RP experience: Over 3 years
    Additional comments?:

    No additional comments.

    Thank you for applying, we have your application, and a member from the correct department will review it. The outcome will be posted here. Please check back at a later time and/or regularly. Do not message server staff as they can not progress your application further. Thank you, and good luck!


    Approved pending in-game interview – Please email Luke Lawson or Mike Snow [Snow/hipster] in discord to set up an interview time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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