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    Executive summary
    Here at Helmuts Auto, our mission is to provide the best quality service and make sure our customers leave with a smile on their face.  The vision is to create an environment where our customers feel satisfied but also have fun with their time at the shop.  Our purpose is to create a place where the community enjoys their time with high quality service and satisfaction.


    Target Market
    Our products and services are intended for the people with interests in fulfilling their car fantasies.


    Auto shops in the city


    Unlike our competitors, we know the market well and have good connections within the city.  We also are very active in the community, truly care for our customers, and our system is very organized + thorough.

    Human resources
    As our business grows, we will be expanding the team with many new faces.

    Pay: Mechanics will EARN 80% commission of all their repairs as the shop will receive 20% towards the company. Also Their salaries will be $400 if possible

    Required experience: At LEAST 2 weeks within the city, very active, no criminal record to be able to work at the shop.

    Skills: MUST be responsible, reliable, organized, thorough, and punctual.


    We will NOT require outside sources OR projects to operate.


    Market plan
    We will create ads on sites such as yellow pages and twitter.  Discounts will be provided in order to give people incentive to return to our shop.  Quality customer service and 100% customer satisfaction will bring people to talk about us with their peers.


    We will run our business with the utmost respect and responsibility.  Our efficiency and desire to get the job done, along with the relaxing environment will bring the community to come back every time.


    Financial projects
    Startup fund: 200K – 1M

    Profits: 20% of every mechanics repair.


    I want to change the location to benny’s but everything else will be the same!


    Hi ZachBaer,

    Your business application has been approved!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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