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    Applicant Information
    Character Name: Sabo Xo
    Discord Username: Sabo#4993
    Steam ID: 76561198388782454
    Age 22
    RP experience: 3 years
    Time within the community: Over a month

    Gang information
    Number of gang member so far- 7
    Gang members that have been banned: Nun

    Members in GSF
    Founder/OG: Sabo
    Leader/Shotcaller: Fluffy,Moose,Seth
    Gsf certified: luuxze, oɯɐƆ, callsignRoo

    Discords of current memebers:

    Who is GSF?
    GSF is short for Grove street Families, this “gang” or what we like ot refer to it as ” family” was created because of a altercation in which sabo got himself into accidently apon arriving into the city. he was attacked by a gang that had there feet in the ground prior to sabo arriving to avalanche county. in response to this situation sabo quickly realized for his own sake and possibly others in his position that protection was needed and there no better protection or feeling then knowing you have a family that has your back, from that day forward this is how GSF was founded.

    Reason that GSF should become a whitelisted gang?
    The reason GSF should officially become a gang in avalanche county is because we pride are self’s on following simple rules, those rules would consist of

    1. GSF does not seek to start altercations, we simply defend are self’s and end altercations in which people bring to us by any means.

    2.GSF believe in following all servers rules to the fullest extent!, sabo and GSF Leaders fluffy, seth, and moose have alot of rp experience and we all do not allow shitlord activates or being assholes to anyone in the city. we believe in always Roleplay scenes out to the end regardless if you like it or not. if there is any issues with scene to provide evidence to the proper people within avalanche rp discord. we recently had someone attempting to join are gang and somewhat made us look kind of bad and was quickly removed from any affiliation with us.

    3.NEVER HAVE A WINNING ONLY ATTITUDE, here in GSF we believe in providing quality rp and with quality rp that includes not having a winning mentality. in are field of “GANGSTER” RP we have alot of opportunities and resources to have a upper hand on regular civs and police, within GSF we don’t believe in winning just because we can we strive to make every situation fair and want everyone involved with us to have fun RP not just us shitting on people because we can. losing can be just as fun and builds character development not only for are self but for anyone involved in gsf related situations which we all look to do.

    GSF Territory

    Brouge Ave| Davis
    postal inbetween 136 and 137

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