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      Applicant Information
      Character Name: Tommy Toliver
      Discord Username: Kam#3743
      Age 18
      RP experience: 7 Months
      Time within the community: Since the start

      Gang information
      Members in ESC as of 11/27
      Founder: Tommy Toliver
      Leader: Pedro Sanchez
      Members: Alexander Hamilton, John Higgins, Ryan Callahan, Bill Kerman

      Discords of current memebers:
      -Big Yeard#8610

      Who is ESC?
      ESC is short for East Side Crips. At first we were known as the Mirror Park Crips but had to relocate due to the Syndicate wanting to push out gangs and buying every house at Mirror Park. Tommy and Pedro do a lot for the gang and their members, we always have each other’s back which is the reason why this gang came about, so each of us could feel protected when in Avalanche County.

      Reason that ESC should become a whitelisted gang?
      The reasons why ESC should officially become a gang in avalanche county are :
      1. We all know to follow the simple rules set by the Avalanche County Government, and all of us are already whitelisted in the server.
      2. ESC does not seek to start any issues with any other group, we attempt to be friendly and develop a “business partnership” with any other group we encounter to better the both of us, but we will defend ourselves against anyone.

      3. We RP everything out to the fullest extent possible. We’re not just a gang that goes and shoots others for no reason, we actually have serious Gang RP. As previously stated, we’re all about business and getting the green, we don’t have the time to constantly be shooting and starting beef with other gangs. Tommy and Pedro own their own office and Gunshop where they sell drugs and guns, and the office is going to be used as a studio for Pedros Musica (coming soon). Having constant shootouts with others is the last thing on our minds as we know its not gonna help us develop as a gang.
      We also do not have a winning mentality, and actually have allowed ourselves to lose scenarios in the past and will continue to if/when the time comes. 50% of us have LEO cousins in the city so we know how annoying the “shitlord” criminals can be, so we don’t add on to it.

      ESC Territory

      Amanito Vista | Postal 181-185
      Fudge Lane | Postal 180-188

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