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      Date of submission: 03/11/2021
      Discord username: Adnap#3289
      Links such as screenshots or video:https://medal.tv/clips/70206932/d1337hiTWtJi?invite=cr-MSxUNmcsMjYyMjUyOTEs
      Describe the bug, give as much detail so we can recreate it:

      I went to drag some weed into my inventory. I started with 200 wich is 40KG of weed. Now my pockets are at 84KG. I go to drag 100 bags wich is 20KG. I do this to not overfill my inventory so it doesnt bug. for some reason i cant pull 100 into my inventory so i close the stash and open it again. When I open it all the weed in the stash is gone.

      600bags of weed is 5hrs of growing so its kind of annoying to see it go like this. I also made a ticket on it in the discord.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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