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      I would like to become the owner or manager of the burger shot, as I see other servers with this business implemented, and i see a ton of interaction back and forth with the community because of it. My dream would be to get ingredients from hunters or get oranges or something from orange pickers, and create my OJ or something. I would love to hire a team of employees and have a full functioning organization going on. I understand there might need to be a review of some sort of the restaurant for functionality, and if it could work and if it was relatively easy to do, as I understand the city admins are busy with more pressing matters.

      As an ending statement, I would also like to say, that i know people are also interested in the taco shop on this city, and we might be able to work in collaboration with each other, like a taco truck, and a burger truck or something.


        -disregard this, i would no longer pursue this path as im focusing on the italian resturant



          Hi skyecrusher,

          Your business application has NOT BEEN successful!
          Thanks for applying.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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