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    Hello, I was banned from the server about almost 2 weeks ago. I didn’t get a reason why until someone active in the server told me why I was banned it was for cop baiting, in the rules it says ” If you are caught cop baiting you will be kicked from the server as a warning, continued behavior will result in future disciplinary actions, that could result in a ban from our servers.” yet I have never got any warnings. yes cop baiting is bad but I have learned from my mistakes, If I am unbanned I will never continue this behavior.


    Cop baiting is not allowed on the server. Speeding past police in a lazy attempt to incite a car chase, attempting to pull police attention away from currently active scenes when you are excess on a four man criminal team, or doing illegal activities in front of LEOs to initiate a response for no other reason to provoke them are just examples of cop baiting. Cop baiting is not limited to these examples and will be handled at staff discretion.

    You can read the full list of rules here:


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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