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    Repair, upgrade and rack in the big bucks. Mechanics are the backbone of the car industry, keeping cars in working, moving order. .

    Applicant Information
    Character Name: Bush McGee
    Discord Username: BabyProphecy801
    Steam ID: BabyProphecy801
    Age: 25-34
    Time within the community: 1-6 months

    Mechanic Information
    Mechanic Experience: IRL I have dismembers a whole engine and put it back together I have done everything from breaks, to oil changes, and even spark plugs ect.
    Previously Applied: No
    C/S Ban: No
    Time on Duty: 50% 50%

    Applicant Questions
    Why do you want to join Mechanics?: Because there is not a lot of Mechanics around and I really would like to keep everything up when it comes to people wanting stuff done with there vehicles and ect.
    What value can you bring as a Mechanic?: I can be around when there isn't another Mechanic around.
    How many days/hrs each week do you play and what times?: If I answer this honestly you may not think I have a IRL LIfe.
    RP experience: 1-6 months
    Additional comments?:

    I understand everything that is going on and I just want to make sure that I do my part as someone who actually enjoys this city and want to see it thrive again.

    Thank you for applying, we have your application and a member from the correct department will review it. The outcome will be posted here. Please check back at a later time and/or regularly. Do not message server staff as they can not progress your application further. Thank you and good luck!


      Approved pending an in-game interview.

      Please “email” Eve via discordia to set up a time a date that works best for you. Please remember to bring your photo when you arrive for the interview. @EveMcain@discordia.com (Eve#7189)

      Thanks – Eve

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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