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      Hello Avalanche! its your favorite angel here with his favorite group of criminal scum. I just wanted to put to word out to anyone looking to do some criminal work even if your are just starting or whatever. 14 Karat is looking to recruit and fill 2-3 spots. Obviously the more experienced the better but I dont discriminate on that part I do however have a couple expectations right off the bat.

      1. If you wanna be in this gang you must and I mean MUST have some form of body cam –  this is to help solve alot of headaches in the future.

      2. I  expect you/us to be mature and sort of set the standard. So please no fucking around

      3. No shallow rp try to keep yourself having fun brainstorm think of some good rp, this is a good thought in general or you’ll just burn yourself out on fivem anyways.

      DO NOT DISCORD EMAIL ME :X – Find me in character and be genuine about it we’ll go from there.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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