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    Applicant Information
    Character Name: Ralphie McCormick
    Discord Username: Pretty Flacko#6669
    Steam ID: 76561198081248479
    Age 21
    RP experience: 4 years
    Time within the community: Almost a year

    Gang information
    Number of gang member so far- 4 (recruiting)
    Gang members that have been banned: Once – Ralphie

    Members in 14k
    Dragon Head/Founder – Ralphie/Pretty Flacko#6669

    Deputy/Right hand man – Jay/PoppaSmooch#6486

    Enforcer – Randy/thatSkilledWB#2450

    Foot Soldier – Jack/luckecharms13#9287 / recruiting

    Who is 14k?

    14Karat Triad
    a family, a brotherhood, a team, and a lasting bond.

    What we do-
    We run this city’s criminal scene and try to be as lowkey as much as possible but its hard to do that when you are this powerful. Primarily trying to specialize in extortion, kidnapping, prison breaks, specialized gunsmithing, and running new party drugs through our club Maisonette 10 and into the city.

    Where we are located-
    Northwest Vinewood, living in the hills specifically, have our go to mechanic at 818 given how close it is to our turf.

    I want us to be role model criminals. Remaining professional and as smooth as possible. And keeping fear instilled into the civilians of the city. Most importantly keep making the bread and staying classy while doing so.

    Reason that 14k should become a whitelisted gang?
    We believe 14k should become a whitelisted gang for  the following reasons

    1. We all know the rules very well and how to follow them, all are capable of providing body cam footage aswell (gang rule in our discord) making rule breaks and tickets 1000% easier.

    2. I would consider the current roster to have good roleplayers on it combined with people who genuinely want to see the city succeed not just another toxic gang that the city doesn’t need.

    3. The big goal of this gang is to always maintain a business first mindset we like to joke that we are a bunch of shooters but my gang and I really do try to save that option for last and in most cases wait until we are shot at or there is no other options this applies to both crims and pd.

    4. Our win mentality is in check – None of our current members are sorelosers. We take Ls and try to stride in them and I think this part is extremely important to keeping everyone happy.

    14k Territory –

    647 – Maisonette 10

    Above 653 – Our Dojo

    818 (protected mech / not gang owned)

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    Hi beaverthug,

    Your Gang application has been approved!
    The dev team will need to do some behind the scenes work, we should contact you in the next 48 hours. In the event you have not been contacted please raise a ticket

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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