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Ban Revoked

I’ve gone ahead and revoked the ban but read the following:

“so now with regards to the other account that is my friend andy i told him about it and he messaged her without me knowing he said i did not know about this i can prove this isnt me because i have him on discord and i can show you some dm’s with us two and he’s a fivem dev too”

Firstly I would agree that the dm’s do come across as a little rude, but not a smart move on your friend’s part. Ban appeal get dealt with here (through the forums), not in discord to an admin that dealt you a ban. Also unsure why “he’s a fivem dev too” is relevant? That’s just a weird remark to make. The cfx team has nothing to do with our community or how we run it. Our ban system is ours and a separate entity from them.

Before joining back to the discord I will remind you to read the rules, they can be found @ https://avalanche-rp.com/rules/

M.Snow / Hipster#0001
Lead developer @ AV

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