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    1. Jake Foley | Colson Rodgers

    2. 110000133340fd0

    3. I honestly have no idea

    4. till like 2032 or something like that

    5. Just this once

    6. No

    7. I believe it was for RDM.. I was with the wrong group and we killed some police for no reason. like idiots

    8. yes, %100 deserved the ban it was a dumb choice.

    9. I really love this community i’ve been around everyone since the beginning. and just miss it and know im not the person that did what I did to get banned. I’m %100 better than that.

    10. Oh yes! I talk about roleplaying with people from this server all the time! non stop!! I had so many fun times and just dreaded every min of not being allowed in the server.

    11. It will let me in if I attempt to join, but wanted to make sure it was okay before going any further.

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