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please unban me, i know i got a couple of temp bans. for combat logging and having some beef with a couple of females. but i would love to join the server again. the reason i got a perma ban is because i started to send discord links to peoples dms. at the time i didnt think i was doing any harm until i was banned for it. and a friend told me no one likes that in their servers which it understandable. but i do promise to not do that again. i will be good with everyone and not be annoying in the discord. i was just trying to get a few people in a friends server to help him out. his server was pretty dead and i dont recall ever reading in the rule that it isnt ok. but im sure its there. please take the time to process this and let me back in the city <3 i really do enjoy this city and every thing i am able to do. ill be good 🙂 thank you

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